The Benefits of Broadline Manufacturing from Eagle Group

1 source + 1 purchase order + 1 delivery = Higher Profits

You do the math.

Waiter Holding TrayNo matter where you are along the foodservice distribution channel, it’s good to remember the advantages of working with a company with broadline manufacturing capabilities, like Eagle — in other words, a company that makes a variety of foodservice equipment.

Eagle manufactures thousands of items — spanning 17 categories of foodservice equipment. Let’s put it this way: we make enough equipment, from shelving to serving counters, from warming tables to cocktail stations, to fill 14 acres (all under one roof!) If you think about it, it only makes sense: the more equipment you order from a single manufacturer, the more you stand to save. For starters, distributors spend less on freight and on-site receiving/installation costs:

  • Administrative costs reduced by up to 75% (depending on # of product line purchases)
  • Lead times can be cut way down
  • Filing cost & filing time savings

Then there are the freight savings — consolidating as many items as possible for each job on a single shipment will lead to freight breaks in weight-per-shipment:

  • Up to 4% savings on overall cost of freight per job
  • Fewer players to pass blame if something gets damaged

Purchasing from Eagle can also reduce equipment delivery and installation costs, since unloading one shipment rather than several means lower fees for the docking and unloading of trucks…not to mention valuable time savings.

By the way, all Eagle product lines have dedicated experts who specialize in every piece of equipment within their department — so you get the best of all worlds — selection, expertise and savings.