Alignment. Stability. Accuracy. Most of all, It’s easy.

Finally, a way to stabilize your mobile cooking equipment without the struggle of trying to line up the wheels at the same time. The Caster Cradle® is the only caster stabilizing device with a Patented uniform circular design that allows for approach from any angle. It uses bowl-shaped units secured to the floor where the casters of mobile equipment are to be centered.

CasterCradle_wHFTThe bowl-shaped design means you no longer have to worry about the exact alignment of caster wheels upon approach — if the wheel enters anywhere along the edge of the caster cradle, gravity will cause it to drop automatically into the center, assuring exact placement every time. Just roll one rear wheel into one of the cradles, then pivot the equipment into the other cradle unit, and exact alignment will be automatic. It’s really that easy! Your unit will be secured to the floor — it’s so easy even a child could do it. (A rather oddly strong child, that is.)

Caster Cradle® Uses include:

  • Surface cooking equipment under exhaust hoods
  • Pass-through cabinets in wall openings
  • Refrigerators and worktables in center aisles
  • Counters at tray make-up lines
  • Portable food machines on equipment stands

Short Form Specifications:

  • Conforms to NFPA 17A 5.6.4 requirements for stabilizing cooking equipment and correct placement under fire system nozzles
  • Uses a set of two units typically placed at rear wheels of equipment with front-locking casters
  • Low profile design allows for easy movement of equipment caster into the contoured center
  • Easy installation in any existing kitchen
  • Works with casters up to 8˝ in diameter
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel