Clean hands, clean conscience.


CloudClean™ trains, reminds and tracks employee hand-washing protocols.

  1. About one in six Americans get sick from food-borne diseases annually (1)
  2. Three in four food workers don’t wash hands often enough (2)
  3. Illness traced to your business can cost $1,000s or even lead to closure (3)

Here’s another fact: CloudClean™ helps protect your business and your brand by empowering management to solve the problem of low hand-wash compliance.  Hand Hygiene Compliance Technology, from our partner, CloudClean, integrates with the Eagle HFL-5000 touch-free system, bringing a gold standard of compliance to any food service operation. How it works:

  • Each employee is provided with a “smart” CloudClean™ badge, customized with your brand or any message of your choice. Clean Hands Ensured Badge
  • If someone misses a wash, he or she is immediately alerted (as well as management, if desired) via badge-beep, text or email.  These automated prompts correct and change behavior, raise awareness and ensure hands stay clean.
  • Information about any wash violation is accessible via our cloud-hosted dashboard in real-time and in historical format, on any computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Overall performance is summarized in a Daily Report format and automatically emailed to the owner and management every morning, showing the prior day’s compliance score.

CloudClean proprietary, customizable software meets the varying demands of large-scale food chains, in terms of workflow and capabilities.   With flexible features including restroom hand wash monitoring, interval wash, temperature monitoring and more – CloudClean™ Hand Hygiene Compliance Technology is truly optimized for the food service industry. Visit us at NAFEM and see the CloudClean™ system on display with the Eagle HFL-5000. Booth #5020 CloudClean not only reduces risk – but it can also help earn customer loyalty.  Awareness signage sends a positive message to your guests that your team follows a higher standard of cleanliness! Plus, CloudClean™ is easily installed with no interruption to your business. So get the dirt on who is washing and who isn’t, with CloudClean™ — it’s simply smart business.  Now you can know for sure!

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