Decreases temperatures, increases drainage system life.

Cool Trough™ Watering Tempering System -   Here's the Eagle Advantage

There are two very good reasons to install an Eagle Cool Trough™ water tempering system. First off, you’ll be up to code, because Section 701.7 of the International Plumbing Code mandates that water entering a drainage system cannot exceed 140°F. So, there’s that. Secondly, since water over 140°F can damage your PVC pipes and cause other safety and/or environmental issues, cooling your drain water means your drainage system will last longer.



If your company uses a boiler, humidifier, sterilizer, or any commercial equipment that produces drain water over 140°F, the Cool Trough™ is a must. Because The Cool Trough activates the temperature sensor at 130°F, cooling the water before it enters your drain lines. Plus, In addition, it turns off the mixing valve at 120°F, thus using water only when required. Here’s another big plus: operation of the Cool Trough™ requires no additional steps for the operator. Also, because Since the valve is mechanically actuated, there is no need for an electrical connection, which means there is no chance of an electrical component failure. You simply hook a cold water line to the shutoff valve provided, and protection for your drain lines is ensured.


Cool Trough™ Water Tempering System

Consultant designed, patented system

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