Corner Mop Sink

Corner Mop Sink

with Drop Front Edge

Five-sided corner construction saves space while drop front edge allows easy access to bowl for bucket dumping.

Five-sided corner construction allows easy access for use. 3˝ dropped front edge reduces the need to lift buckets for dumping. Included drain is no-caulk style, which easily attaches to plumbing stub up. Overall size is 24˝ x 24,˝ with 21˝ x 21˝ sink bowl. Two models offered: One is 12˝ tall (with 8˝-deep sink bowl) and the other is 16˝ tall (with 12˝-deep bowl).

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Design and Construction


  • Heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel bowl and skirt
  • Fabricated bowl is fully welded and polished
  • Bowl is creased to improve drainage and prevent pooling
  • Front is dropped 3˝ for easy access to bowl
  • Bowl is fully welded in skirt
  • Drain is 2˝ brass no-caulk shower drain with 41⁄2˝ stainless steel strainer

Options Available

  • 3-Pole mop holder
  • 4-Pole mop holder
  • Hose and bracket
  • Service faucet

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