Eagle Manufacturing and Field Services make a Perfect Fit

What happens when the equipment you carefully selected or had custom fabricated for your project arrives on site? Well, that depends.

It depends on the quality of the pre-work, site prep and installation. That is why Eagle Group now offers a comprehensive set of Field Services that go beyond warranty service to ensure your perfect plan goes as planned.


The straightest walls and levelest floors are usually neither. That’s why the measurements of these partially finished spaces need to be more precise to ensure your tables, counters, shelving and more fit properly in the space.

Laser site measurements

When you engage Eagle Group Field Services, as soon as your walls are up, we arrive on site to take precise, relational measurements. Our precision measuring devices enable us to quickly produce more accurate templates than more traditional manual tools and plywood templates. In fact, before we leave the site the templates are already in the hands of our off-site engineers.

All Eagle Group equipment specified for the project is then designed and fabricated to fit the actual structure.   


Our team of expert installers can give you heightened control, convenience, and peace of mind with your projects. By using Eagle Group’s talented team of fabricators, welders, carpenters and certified solid surface and stone installers, you avoid the risks of delays, finger-pointing and confusion that typical contractor, subcontractor relationships create. 

Stainless Steel Counter with welded field joint

Our installers are product experts with direct access to our in-house engineers and product managers. Wherever your project is in the world, we can directly provide installation services for:

  • Back-of-house
  • Servery
  • Millwork
  • Granite, quartz and other solid surfaces