Customer Service Specialists

Meet The Eagle Account Specialist Team

Eagle has long been known for excellent service and attention to detail. To make sure our customers’ needs are being met, our dedicated account specialists receive ongoing training on products and services that will help you.  We are always looking at ways to improve your customer service experience

Your Eagle Account Specialist is Here to Help

Heather Barkley

Eagle Account Specialist

Call: 800-441-8440, ext. 3024

Sheryl Braden

Eagle Account Specialist

Call: 800-441-8440, ext. 3006

Yvonne Burleigh

Eagle Account Specialist

Call: 800-441-8440, ext.3388

Kristina Knab

Eagle Account Specialist

Call: 800-441-8440, ext. 3029

Nichole Perine

Eagle Account Specialist

Call: 800-441-8440, ext. 3305

Laurie Smerlick

Eagle Account Specialist

Call: 800-441-8440, ext. 3064

Customer Service Hours

Monday – Friday
7:00 am to 5:00 pm

We are committed to giving you the kind of service you need and expect. We believe in working closely with our customers and we’re willing to adapt our services to respond to the shifting priorities of this industry.

Helpful hints from our team:

  • Have your purchase order or our order number available for order updates
  • AutoQuotes is updated daily with tracking numbers
  • Make sure all information is clear on your purchase order.
  • Provide a contact name/phone# for drop ship orders
  • Advise the install date requirement
  • Provide an Eagle quote number on your purchase order

Recognizing that Customer Service is as much about relationships as getting answers and solving problems, we take extra care to ensure that our customers are treated as special.  You’ll receive real-time access to the status of your order and instant order entry and processing – whether it is for inventories, manufacturing schedule, shipping status, or delivery date.  The same goes for a history of your purchases or any other requested information.   Our superior customer service extends throughout our representatives in the field.  Our top priority is ensuring that you, the customer, is happy.  We are all here to make your experience with Eagle Group the very best it can be.

Michelle Argoe

Customer Service Manager

In addition to your daily Eagle Account Specialist, Eagle also offers the services of dedicated Customer Service Specialists for Eagle’s SpecFAB Custom Fabrication.  

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