We’re In The Foodservice Industry, Yet We’re Big On Consuming Less. Go Figure.

Eagle’s Eco-Built products conserve resources and are environmentally-friendly.

If you’re a restaurant or any institution concerned about meeting green standards, buying ECO·Built is simply the right thing to do because Eagle’s ECO·Built products are manufactured in environmentally conscious ways.

Our ECO-Built manufacturing process includes:

  • Reducing contaminant amounts released back into the environmentECO-BROCH-SHELFpg-hires
  • Conserving resources within the manufacturing process
  • More energy & resource-efficient facilities, including an energy-reflective roof
  • Usage reductions in steel, water, heating oil
  • Elimination of the annealing process in the drawing of deep sink bowls
  • Eliminating vapor emissions
  • More recycled energy than anyone in the industry

Our ECO-Built results:

  • Reduction of 1,230 megawatt hours of electricity annually
  • Reduced hydrogen consumption by 13 million cubic feet
  • Reduced nitrogen consumption and emissions by 42.4 million cubic feet
  • Reduced water consumption by 10 million gallons
  • Eliminating three tons of Volatile Organic Compound vapor emissions annually


To give you one specific example of our ECO-Built principles in action, we use a computer-guided sheet metal cutting machine, which is so precise; we are able to use 85% of our steel. Trust us, in the world of steel manufacturing, that’s an awesome percentage.

Of course, we recycle the rest. In fact, Eagle is the industry’s largest user of recycled stainless steel.

Your food is locally grown.
Your warming oven Energy Star® qualified.
Make your worktable eco-friendly, too.

So while there may be no such thing as a “green” worktable, if you’re concerned about meeting your own green standards, Eco-Built by Eagle is simply the right choice.