Check Out What’s RedHot In Our Countertop Lineup.

Eagle’s Red Hots® Chef ’s Line™ series of heavy-duty countertop cooking and warming equipment includes a full range of fryers, charbroilers, griddles and hot plates, specially engineered for operations where medium to heavy-duty equipment is needed every day.

They’re built strong, with ultra-durable stainless steel construction, as well as special design features that give you performance that’s superior to conventional countertop cooking and warming equipment.

For instance, RedHots fryers, charbroilers, griddles and hot plates feature a 160-degree bullnose edge, providing more protection for heat controls. They also have controls angled upward 45 degrees for ergonomic accessibility and easier operation.

When designing this line, we considered your entire process, from set up to cleaning. This informed our design of every piece of equipment, to ensure all the kitchen’s needs were met.

The RedHots line includes:

  • Gas or electric griddles with precise temperature control
  • Charbroilers (40,000* BTU cast iron burners every 12˝, or 32,000 every 12˝)
  • Gas/electric hot plates with polished stainless steel top & front, aluminized steel back
  • Single/Double tank Electric Fryers with self-cleaning sheaths
  • Standard- and high-watt heat lamps, available with remote switch
  • Food Warmers and Cookers/Warmers with all stainless steel exteriors
  • Heated Drawers in 1-, 2-, and 3-drawer units, freestanding or built-in, wide or narrow
  • 15˝-Wide Gas Griddle with choice of manual or thermostatic control
  • Bulb Warmers