Spec-Bar® Dump Sinks

Spec-Bar® Dump Sinks

with Glass Rinser

Introducing the Dump Sink with Built-In Glass Rinser! Take a glass, turn it upside-down, place it on the glass rinser, and push down to activate it. It’s that easy!

Powerful water jets rinse in seconds. Applicable to any drinkware—from narrow champagne glasses to wine glasses—it reaches where you can’t, and takes far less time than soaking and scrubbing. Also featured are sink bowl with 11⁄2˝ stainless steel IPS drain, faucet mounted to a 9˝-tall backsplash, and stainless steel legs and crossbracing. Drainboard is removable for ease of cleaning. Choose from two models: 12˝-wide unit with glass rinser, and 18˝-wide unit with rinser and dipper well! The dipper well features its own deck-mount faucet and 11⁄2˝ stainless steel IPS drain.

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Design and Construction


  • Type 300 series stainless steel construction
  • T&S splash-mounted faucet
  • 11⁄2˝ stainless steel IPS threaded drain with nut and washer
  • 41⁄2˝ -diameter actuation disk
  • Inline preset pressure regulator
  • Removable perforated drainboard
  • Stainless steel adjustable bullet feet

# DSGR-12-24 Features

  • 9˝ x 9˝ x 4˝ sink bowl
  • 12˝ narrow width

# DSGR-16-24 Features

  • 10˝ x 14˝ x 7˝ sink bowl
  • 18˝ width
  • Dipper well, with independent 11⁄2˝ stainless steel IPS threaded drain
    and deck-mount faucet

Options Available

  • Pedestal base
  • Scrap basket for sink

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