Meet The Eagle SpecFAB Customer Service Team

In addition to your daily Eagle Account Specialist, Eagle also offers the services of dedicated Customer Service Specialists for Eagle’s SpecFAB Custom Fabrication.  

Abbie O’Grady

SpecFAB Account Specialist

Call: 800-441-8440, ext. 2786

Kim Flach

SpecFAB Account Specialist

Call: 800-441-8440, ext. 3016

SpecFAB Customer Service specializes in coordinating and servicing your custom fabrication order from start to finish.  Services include follow-up on submittal drawings and subsequent approvals, organizing receipt of buyouts, managing timelines for consolidations and deliveries, and addressing any issues or concerns that come up as your custom order makes its way through Eagle’s detailed manufacturing process.   

Helpful hints from our team:

Abbie and Kim have been a part of the Eagle Group family for over 26 and 18 years respectively.  Here are some helpful hints they have to offer to make sure your orders are processed in a timely manner.

  • Approved drawings should be attached to your approval email and sent to and/or as instructed in the submittals email. Sending them to another source can cause a delay.
  • Make sure all verifies have been addressed on the drawing including makes and models.
  • If you have a ship date/ install date needed – please let us know .
  • When the order is placed please provide the contact who should be receiving the drawings for approval. 
  • If you have customer property that needs to be sent to Eagle:  Please send to the following address:

Eagle Group
Attn: Abbie/Kim – C# ___________/Job Name
100 Industrial Blvd
Clayton, DE 19938

For standard orders and customer service, contact your dedicated Eagle Account Specialist.

Let Eagle Quote Your Next Project

Eagle’s SpecFAB Quotations Team can assist you in specifying Eagle on your next project.

Customer Service Hours

Monday – Friday

7:00 am to 5:00 pm

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