Every custom piece is different. Eagle’s commitment stays the same.

You need the best of both worlds for your build: custom millwork and fabrication for front- and back-of-house and a supplier who can build to spec on time and on budget.  That takes a combination of design/build know-how and operational excellence that only Eagle Group can deliver.

Too often with restaurant design, the choice is standard equipment or custom fabrication, with custom work often provided by a company or individual that may be an expert craftsman, but is often not an expert in manufacturing procedures and project management. Each approach comes with advantages and disadvantages, including:

Conventional Custom

o   Advantages:

o   Precisely what you need for each unique application

o   Can be better integrated into the functional or aesthetic requirements of the project

o   Can serve as a feature piece in the kitchen or dining room design

o   Disadvantages

o   More costly than standard equipment

o   Production time range from weeks to months

o   Process of moving from idea to execution can be fraught with misinterpretation

Standard equipment:

o   Advantages:

o   Produced to established manufacturing standards

o   Immediate availability

o   Ready supply of service agents and replacement parts

o   Lower per-unit cost

o   Disadvantages

o   “Universal” functionality and aesthetics

o   Desired pieces may not exist

Eagle’s SpecFAB® Division was formed to fill the gap between standard equipment and high-cost, “wish-and-wait” highly customized equipment.  SpecFAB provides a way to short-cut the design and fabrication process.  We can build custom configurations from scratch or we can design pre-fab modular components.  Having this flexibility means we can deliver custom equipment faster and at a lower cost.  Drawing on decades of expertise in manufacturing, each SpecFAB custom project is also produced in the framework of the most sophisticated manufacturing processes. That means we can make multiple copies of a piece with repeat precision.

SpecFAB is the perfect balance between the conventional approach to custom fabrication and buying standard equipment.

SpecFAB key benefits:

o   Need the same custom piece for 35 stores? Because of Eagle Group’s high-tech manufacturing processes, every custom project can be reproduced with uniformity from piece to piece.

o   Sometimes, what you really want is semi-custom. Eagle Group SpecFAB does this better than anyone. We start with appropriate modular components as a foundation to accommodate your custom requirements. (Eagle Group has the largest entry in the AutoQuotes system, giving you virtually endless starting points for your custom project)

o   Early in the process, we can give you a timeline for completion.

o   Custom fabrication at a lower cost.

o   Eagle Group is fully integrated. One project + One manufacturer + One delivery truck + One purchase order = higher profits


Want to know if SpecFAB® will work in your application? SpecFAB projects have been designed and installed in a wide variety of facilities, including:

o   Sports stadiums & arenas

o   Casinos & racetracks

o   Theatres & theme parks

o   Convention centers

o   Hotel banquet facilities

o   Resorts and hotels

o   Restaurants

o   Food courts & cafeterias

o   Educational institutions

Learn more about Eagle SpecFAB: Eagle Group SpecFab brochure