Stainless Heat Lamps

RedHots® Stainless Heat Lamps

We Bring The Heat Right Where You Need it

Stainless Steel offers enhanced durability.

Keep your foods hot and fresh with Eagle’s NEW RedHots® Stainless Heat Lamps. The housing brings the durability of stainless steel to these units. Simple toggle switch operation. These undermount units do not need brackets. Single and double heat lamps available. Offered in standard- or high-watt, and with or without Teflon-coated shatterproof halogen light bulbs.

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Design and Construction


  • 120V, 208V, 240V units available
  • Standard and high-watt units offered
  • Units with lights feature 43W halogen bulb with Teflon shatter-proof coating
  • Lights have dedicated switch
  • Stainless exterior
  • Aluminized reflector plate to focus heat
  • Toggle switches with indicator light for heating elements
  • Optional remote switch boxes available with toggle or infinite switches

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