It’s Touch-Free. (Even Other Hand Washing Systems Can’t Touch It.)

HFL-5000 Touch-Free
Hand Washing Systems

hfl5000_4c_0513This is where germs meet their maker, because the Eagle HFL-5000 hand washing system is protected by a MICROGARD antimicrobial coating, and its users don’t touch a thing — the soap dispenser, faucet and paper towel dispenser are all touch-less.

 Other features:

  • Constructed of durable type 304 stainless steel
  • Deep-drawn positive drain sink bowl with basket drain
  • Inverted “V” edge to prevent spillage
  • Removable stainless steel trash container
  • T&S electronic eye faucet, splash-mounted with LEED-friendly hydro-generator power source
  • Glove rack with single-use gloves and soft bristle nail brush

Plus, the electronic faucet has a gooseneck with plenty of reach and clearance — it comes with 30″ stainless steel flex hoses, 90-degree elbows, and a 24″ sensor cable.

Whether you’re in foodservice, material handling, healthcare, retail, you name it — you’ve got hands that need sanitizing. This attractive hand-washing system is the best, hands down.


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The Handwashing for Life Institute is devoted to advancing the science of hand hygiene with the purpose of reducing the incidence of foodborne illness and nosocomial infections caused by poor hand hygiene. It is a global organization in support of solving the common hand hygiene challenges around the world.